How it works in practice

Process Management

We work with innovative methodologies to ensure that the entire reformatting process is done from start to finish as planned.


Collection of information


Strategic planning


Assignment of responsibilities


Formatting process


Continuity formalization

Our business areas

Excellence in Services

Website Development

We create delightful design and branding – intuitive, simple, unique. We will mold your ideal into design aimed to inspire and grow your business.

Software Development

We know different ways how to make your project perform in today’s competitive marketplace. Our team pursues the highest quality of back-end as well as front-end experience.

eCommerce Website Development

Having an eCommerce website is more than just taking your business online; it is a chance to generate sales and revenue, strengthen your brand identity and create opportunities for spreading the word about your products and services, all at the convenience of a few clicks!

Digital Marketing

As a team of marketing specialists, our goal is to grow companies and help them to thrive in an extremely competitive market. We provide reliable, cost-effective, and scalable solutions of digital marketing.


Theory alone is seldom enough for businesses to prosper. Pacemax develops realistic strategies for reforming and shaping businesses. Our advice is in the best interest of our clients and is highly actionable as we commit ourselves from analysis through to the actual implementation.


With our Software Development Outsourcing service, we take responsibility for your custom software development projects, leaving your in-house team to continue with their day-to-day operations.

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